Web Site Makeover Coming Soon!

Web-site-makeover-optSometimes change is hard, even when it’s necessary. I tried to put this off as long as I could, but the truth is – it’s time. It’s time for my Web site to get a new look! So although the technical things that could go wrong make me very nervous about this Web site change (I’m doing this myself, y’all), I’m still going to do it. Today, I’m going to tell you the 3 reasons I‘m giving  gave my Web site a makeover. Read More…

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10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

Handmade clothing is good. Clothes that look homemade-not so much. Why? Because in sewing the word homemade is usually associated with poor quality. It can refer to the way the garment is sewn or a poor choice in fabric, to the way the garment fits. Today, I'm going to ... read more