10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

10 sewing mistakes katrinakaycreations.com blgHandmade clothing is good. Clothes that look homemade-not so much. Why? Because in sewing the word homemade is usually associated with poor quality. It can refer to the way the garment is sewn or a poor choice in fabric, to the way the garment fits. Today, I’m going to talk about 10 sewing mistakes that will definitely give your clothes a homemade look. Read more

Choose the Right Fabric

choose right fabric katrinakaycreations bpYou altered your pattern until you got the fit you wanted. You cut each piece carefully, making sure to follow the pattern layout to avoid any mishaps. You took extra care in sewing each piece using techniques that would give it a professional look. Then why did it still end up in the “ain’t never gonna wear this” pile? Because you chose the wrong fabric. OOPS! Has this ever happened to you? (Both of my hands are raised!) Today, especially for sewing beginners, I’m going to give you some tips on how to choose the right fabric for your garment. Read more

How to Fix a Gaping Neckline

gaping neckline facebookIn my patternmaking book, Patternmaking Made Easy, Connie Crawford says an adjustment must be made to prevent gaping when lowering the neckline more than 2″ from the original jewel neckline. Have you ever had this problem? Well, today I’m going to show you how to fix a gaping neckline on your sewing pattern. Read more

7 Ways to Make Solo Fitting Easier

7 ways blog picOne of my readers asked this question: How can I fit my clothes without a dress form?” A good question, without a perfect answer. But today I hope I can help you a little bit by giving you 7 ways to make solo fitting easier.

Does anyone else have the problem of fitting patterns solo? By solo I mean: You live alone and don’t have friends who can help you or you would be comfortable with helping you. Even creating your own dress form requires a partner to wrap you in duct tape and that partner needs to be someone you’re comfortable with and someone who can take instruction well. So, it’s just you in your muslin standing in front of the mirror with a very limited view of your back. Or trying to reach places that you’ll never reach because your arms weren’t designed to bend that way.  Read more

10 Sewing Tips From 2014

10 fav tips blog picLast year, I shared sewing tips on Facebook that I use on a regular basis in my sewing. Because they’re scattered throughout my Facebook page, I decided to put 10 of my favorite in one place so you could refer to them at any time, without having to scroll through Facebook. So here they are: 10 sewing tips from 2014. Read more

How to Move a Dart on Your Sewing Pattern

How  to move a dart on your sewing pattern. katrinakaycreations.com

Have you ever had a pattern with so many fitting problems, you’re not sure where to begin? I tried to ignore some of them, like the front darts on my skirt being too close to the center front/back and looking really weird, but I couldn’t. If I’m gonna make the skirt, it might as well be right, right? So today, I’m going to show you how to move a dart on your sewing pattern. You can use this same method for any dart, like a bust dart. Read more

Skirt Pattern: Add to Your Hip, Not Your Waist

Add to your hip katrinakaycreations.com

Just when I think I’m ready to finish a project, I discover several fitting problems. How is it that my waist fits fine, but the hip area is too tight? This is one of the problems I ran into in my effort to make my pleated skirt, (you can see part 1 of the pleated skirt here). I needed to add 3/8″ to each side seam of my skirt, but only at the hip-well mostly right above the hip line. But, I needed to do this and keep the same waist measurement because my waist fit fine. It was just the area above the hip line giving me a problem. So today, I’m going to show you how to add to your hip, not your waist (or without changing your waist measurement).  When I say hip, this also includes the area directly above and below your hip line. It just so happens, I only need the extra room directly above my hip line. Read more

How to Make a Pleated Skirt-Part 1

Pleated skirt blog katrinakaycreationsHave you ever seen a skirt you really liked but it didn’t come in your size? Or it’s no longer sold by the store? I saw this pleated skirt on Nordstrom’s Web site a few months ago and thought it was so cute, but they no longer sell it. So I decided to challenge myself and copy it. Im almost sure I have a few more gray hairs from making this pattern. But, I think it was worth it. After many versions later, in Part 1 of 2 videos, I’ll show you how to make this pleated skirt pattern. These aren’t your usual horizontal or vertical pleats. Noooo, these pleats are on an angle. Can you say FUN!? Read more

Custom-Fit Plus Size Patterns

Custom Fit Plus Size Patterns Whenever I find a resource for plus size patterns, I like to let you all know about it. That’s not to say that some of you don’t already know, but just in case, I don’t mind sharing. I stumbled across this Web site by accident while looking for something else. (Isn’t that how it always happens?) They have royalty free digital patterns for individual and commercial use. If you’re trying to start your own pattern/fashion clothing line or you just want custom-fit plus size patterns but don’t want to draft them yourself, bootstrapfashion.com may be an option for you. Read more

Organize Your Fabric Stash-Free Printable

Free Printable for Your Fabric StashYes, I’m guilty. I have fabric in the closet. And more fabric in a few tubs that I have to rummage through every time I’m looking for what I know I have, but just don’t know exactly which tub it’s in. Can you relate? Well, I created something to help me in my organizing process and I want to share it with you. So when you organize your fabric stash, or want to reorganize or update, here’s a free printable to aid you in the process. No opt-in required. Read more